Honor Flight Trips

As the last of the Greatest Generation approach their final curtain call, we are witnesses to a tremendous loss as we embrace a precious opportunity. Every four minutes we lose a WWII veteran – and with this loss so goes their stories, and history, and enormous bravery with them.

In addition, we have veterans of the three year Korean War – with over 1/4 of these soldiers having also served in WWII. They too, are aging. They too, have stories to be told. They too, need to be honored.

While there is no earthly way we can repay the gift of freedom, with your help we THANK them. And honor them. Puget Sound Honor Flight has one goal in mind – to take these men and women on ONE LAST MISSION – a trip to Washington, D.C. (at no expense to them) to visit and reflect at the memorials built to honor their service and sacrifices.

Puget Sound Honor Flight’s inaugural flight took place on October 12-14, 2013, right in the midst of the governmental shutdown. To say there was a bit more excitement than we had planned for, is an understatement. However, we succeeded. Everyone had a good time and some even made the national news!

At we moved in to this year, we had taken approximately 650 local veterans comprised of WWII and Korean War veterans, along with an additional 725 guardians and volunteer staff. We anticipate that by the end of this year we will add another deserving group of men and women to our flights – our Vietnam veterans. We simply can’t make these trips available without the support of our local business community, individual donations and partnerships.

Volunteer. Donate. Fundraise. Share the story of Puget Sound Honor Flight. Help a veteran complete and submit an application. Together we can – and will – make it a reality!